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Dual-wavelengthrecording, a simple algorithm toeliminate interferencesdue toUV-absorbingsubstancesin capillary electrophoresis

Analytical interferences have been described due to the presence of various exogenous UV-absorbing substances in serum. Iodine-based X-ray contrast agents and various antibioticshavebeenreportedtointerferewithinterpretationofserumproteinpherograms, resulting in false diagnosis of paraproteinemia.In the present study,we have explored the possibility of measuring UV absorbance at two distinct wavelengths (210 and 246 nm) to distinguish between true and false paraproteins on a Helena V8 clinical electrophoresis instrument. This study demonstrates that most substances potentially interfering with
serum protein electrophoresis show UV-absorptions pectra that are distinct from those of serum proteins. Scanning at 246 nm allows detection of all described interfering agents. Comparing pherograms recorded at both wavelengths (210 and 246 nm) enables to distinguish paraproteins from UV-absorbing substances. In case of a true paraprotein, the peak with an electrophoretic mobility in the gamma-region decreases, whereas the X-ray contrast media and antibiotics show an increased absorption when compared to the basic setting(210nm).The findin go fiodine-containing contrast media interfering with serum
protein elctrophoresisis not uncommon.In linicalseries,interference induced b ycontrast media was reported in 54 cases(of13237analyses),corresponding with aprevalence of 0.4%. In the same series, 1631 true paraproteins (12.3%) were detected. Implementation of the proposed algorithm may significantly improve the interpretation of routine electrophoresis results. However, attention should still be paid to possible interference due to presence of atypical proteinsfractions (e.g., tumormarkers, C3).

Evaluation of two automated capillary electrophoresis systems for human serum protein analysis

We compared automated capillary electrophoresis (CE) systems Capillarys 2® from Sebia and V8® from Helena Biosciences Europe (Elitech) with the semi-automated Hydrasys-Hyrys® agarose gel electrophoresis (AGE) from Sebia.

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